Fort 1

Fort 1 - Render 2 PS.png

Available: April 2017


Fort – 1 (Complete) structure is a flexible design that can be incoporated in children’s bedroom or as exterior playhouses. This design features a seating area underneath and supported with playful details with flexible approaches. Any modification of the design is open for request via email, including room restrictions and other field conditions.

The design will change based on field conditions. The design offers different potentiality of aesthetics and function. If bases are isolated, metal mesh screens are applicable, etc. Your preference and field condition makes this design flexible. This equates in possibilities that are unique with the set of conditions.

If “Construction Documents and/or 3D File” is purchased. The design provided will be the standard “base” model. Open to flexibility of the builder to revise the design, but any changes will not be held liable by the designer and website. “base” model are structurally safe if built correctly.

If “Construction Documents + Custom Design and Suggestions” are purchased. The design provided will give more features and custom design for the client’s need. We will also provide alternative design suggestions (really cool designs!) with features such as bookshelf feature, ladders, and more will be implemented with alternative suggestions and permissions of multiple designs. In addition, 1 design will be provided that is exclusive to client’s need or approach.

Contact me below and we can work on something with this base standards.

Designed by: Christian Lance Relleve –
Structure Size: Approximate 18’L x 8’W x 16’H
Estimated cost of construction: $3000


Construction Documents: $50
Construction Documents and 3D File: $100
Construction Documents + Custom Design and Suggestions: $500 (Full support)
20% of the proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity.

A pruchase of Construction Document and 3D File gives permission to the buyer to build the intended design, but not resell of profit from.

Construction Documents will include instructions in plan, section, and elevation typed drawings with dimensions. It will also include material list and basic calculations for engineering (depending on the situation, an engineer may be needed; ex: Permanent structure on backyard using permanent footing).

We will also mail a 3D printed / Or etched metal plate to be integrated on the structure for authenticity of purchase with the emphasis of (Base or Exclusive Custom) design!

Questions, Comments, and Suggestions:

Note: Designs are automatically copyrighted by law. Plans should not be resold nor shared without permission from designer due to safety and design integrity.

Fort 1 - WP Image 2 - 2017 MAR 18.JPG

Example Alternatives and Possibilities for custom Design:


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