Movable Mega Shade – Infrastructure (200′ x 200′ Span) (Option: Rainwater Collector)

Fabricate - Render 2Fabricate - Render 3Fabricate - Render 5

Rainwater Collection Add-on:

Fabricate - Render 6

Mega-shade – Sun shielding system of adjacent infrastructures: (Work in progress)

The infrastructural concept here is to create a rolling movable shade structure by maximizing the max span of fabric structures. A rainwater barrel attachment can be added below the unit. This system can be utilized to protect bodies of water from evaporation, or to create a starting beacon unit to build infrastructure beneath or adjacent. (Such as houses, etc.) This will help prevent maximum heating capabilities by underexposing surface areas for protected infrastructures.

Projected Materials:

Steel, Fabric

Construction Document:

Coming Soon.


Last Updated: June – 27 – 2017

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