Flood Relief + Storage Infrastructure (W.I.P)

FRI - Render 2

No Flood

FRI - Render 3

During flood (5′ high or 1.5m)

FRSI – Flood Relief and Storage Infrastructure (Work in progress)

This infrastructure system utilizes the evolution of mere shed storages into a disaster relief infrastructures. The impetus of this project is a response towards the Harvey flooding in Houston of September 2017. How do we transform a simple shed that is ubiquitious in house properties towards a similar system that can also respond during a time of crisis.

This infrastructure will have different iterations to meet the region’s needs. (Feel free to contact me for construction documents!)

There are two layers of this system:

Top layer: Utilizes as a pier, in which can dwell if flooding occurs. The roof shows a red cross with a distress light beacon (push the button to activate). The distress light beacon will notify rescuers that this zone perimeter needs help. During times of no events, the upper layer can be used as storage. A remote-sensing button can also be applied to aid rescue netoworking easier for agencies using real-time GIS applications.

Bottom layer: Utilizes for structural rigidity. In addition, can be used as storage. (MRE, water, tools, etc.)

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