Designer – Architecture student:
Christian Lance Relleve – Owner of all “Systems //_01” pages.

Coining and philosophically pursuing “Response architecture” — Defined as: Using all peripheral logic and upbringing to improvise design for drastic needs. (Disaster relief, crisis, etc.). First to react —.

Independent Projects and Essays:

Client Projects 2017: (And more)

Gardena Project 1 – (Facade proposal) (Comissioned)

Gardena Project 2 – (ADU conversion)

Trench Catalog

LAUSD Shade Structure modules – (Commissioned by USC) Projected construction 2020 in Spatial Science courtyard.

Render Colored 2.jpg

2018-04-05 Render 5

Model 1

Model 1

“Phoenix” barn design for friend’s lost home in Ventura fire.

Concept 1 JPG 18x18.jpg

2018 Projects:

VR Surrogacy

VR - JPG 4

FRP floatation shelter iterations

2018-03-23 Render

Publication Manual – Situational Awareness +

Situational Awareness Plus - Cover 2

LADWP facade proposal -The wind harvester

WWII Nazi Rocket – 1945 ArcGIS (continuation)


Celebratory Systems // 1 – Prototype concept for property in Philippines.