Hydroponic Tower (T/F) (W.I.P) Humanitarian

Hydroponic Tower - Render 3Hydroponic Tower - Render 1RELLEVE_Perspective_kwhm-2_1.00-24 0101-1231

Hydroponic Tower: (Work in progress)

The infrastructural concept here is to create a hydroponic system that can be utilized in areas that have adequate rain but non-fertile lands. The shape is a reverse truncated dome to create vertical system (for space expansion) and to cone off rainwater. This shape will benefit the plants at its pique square footage. The system also utilizes fabric and steel cables with a main mast in the center for dropping a wall unit for harvesting time — using a winch system.

Projected Materials:

Fabric, Steel

Construction Document:

Coming Soon.


Last Updated: June – 27 – 2017

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