Modular Floating Bird Sanctuary

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FSS - Render 1

Floating Bird Sanctuary: (Work in progress)

The infrastructural concept here is to create a bird roosting zone that can be placed anywhere in the world. It is only limited to its foundation methology. Fabric nettings are utilized here to its max potential as it creates a trasition zone for safety. In addition, climbing plants are utilized in columns to grow and overtake the netting — creating a canopy structure. In terms of lifetime footprint, this structure only uses reclaimed wood (Use wood without Copper Azole — which utility poles use). The reason is to have a reversible infrastructure that the future generations can dictate whether the structure should remain, move, or be removed. The concept is to think generations ahead and solve both existing and future problems in terms of bird protection.

Projected Materials:

Wood only.

Construction Document:

Coming Soon.


Last Updated: June – 27 – 2017

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